CN Collectables were very pleased to announce our ‘Falklands 40’ collection! Update March 23

From November 2021 to  January 2023, we released models of almost every Royal Navy and RFA ship that was involved in the Falklands conflict of 1982. We  also made Gift Sets.

Most of the gift sets contained one major ship, two smaller escort ships, a submarine, a ‘sea’ and mounting board inside a custom-made box. Each ship is boxed separately in the set to ensure safe passage to you. We were also able to create one off Gift Sets containing your choice of models depending on our stock. All the ships are hand made so in small quantities.

This update is March 2023. Some of our models are now sold out so specific gift sets are no longer available.

The models in this collection include:

Flagships Aircraft Carrier Hermes Invincible
Landing platform dock Fearless  Intrepid
Escorts Type 21 Amazon Class Frigate Active Antelope Ardent Alacrity Ambuscade Avenger Arrow
Type 22/1 Frigate Broadsword Brilliant
Rothesay Class Frigate Yarmouth Plymouth
Leander Class Frigate Andromeda Argonaut Minerva Penelope
County Class Destroyer Glamorgan Antrim
Type 42 Destroyer Coventry Glasgow Sheffield Cardiff Exeter
  Type 82 Destroyer Bristol
Submarines Churchill Class Conqueror Courageous
  Swiftsure Class Spartan Superb
  O Class Onyx
Minesweepers Hull trawlers Northella Junella Pict Cordella Farnella
RFA Round Table Class Sir Bedivere Sir Galahad Sir Geraint Sir Percivale Sir Tristram
Supply Ship Fort Austin Fort Grange
Tankers Blue Rover
 OTHER Atlantic Conveyor  Atlantic Causeway HMS Endurance CS Iris 1982 CS Iris 1976


Whilst we have stopped listing Gift sets it may be possible to make one to order. Please email about this.

Most Gift Sets featured a large ship, two escorts, a submarine, some sea, a box with map label on it and an A4 piece of artwork.

Gift Set 1 features HMS Fearless as the lead ship, plus HMS Glamorgan, HMS Ardent and HMS Superb.

Gift set 2 features HMS Intrepid as the lead ship, plus HMS Antrim, HMS Antelope and HMS Spartan.

Gift set 3 features HMS Hermes as the lead ship, plus HMS Coventry, HMS Broadsword and a Churchill class submarine.

Gift Set 4 with HMS Hermes as the lead ship, plus HMS Sheffield, HMS Brilliant and a Churchill class submarine.

Gift Set 5 with Invincible, as the lead ship, plus HMS Coventry, HMS Broadsword and a submarine.

Gift Set 6 with Invincible as the lead ship, plus HMS Sheffield, HMS Brilliant and a submarine

Gift Set 7 the set of five Hull Trawlers of the 11th MCM Flotilla.

Gift Set 8 all five Round Table Class RFA ships.

It is possible to specify your own contents with its special label.  All the sets are limited to the individual ships available as only small numbers of each ship have been made. Please contact us on

Yours in model ships,

Clive and Dave               Updated March 3rd 2023.