Here is the latest update of the 2022 releases list which is updated when new items arrive in 1250 and 1200 scale. September 2nd.

In production now are the remaining Falklands Ships which are planned for September. In stock from 13th September are the Devonport Dockyard Kits. At every Ship show we attend our painted models of these basins are admired.

New 2022 releases in stock

1200 series Triang Minic Series 4

Ships          Type 23 life ex as F78, F79, F83,£11.95 each

Submarine Astute £7.95

Harbour     Ten different accessories including lifeboat House, Lifting Bridge, Ocean Terminals, Floating  dock gates, crane jibs, swing bridge, pier shelters and lock gates. Now in stock and listed in  various combinations and prices.

1250 series CN Collectables new 2022 Models in stock

N58  HMS Invincible, brand new model.  £59.95

N 55 Type 21 frigates HMS Arrow, Ambuscade, Avenger, Alacrity. Antelope, Active and Ardent remastered in metal £29.95

M17-21 Hull trawlers  (5 of)  as Gift Set 7 five hull trawlers. £109.95 brand new models.

N71 HMS Endurance £29.95 new model

M14 CS Iris in 1982. £29.95 new model

M15 CS Iris in 1976  £29.95 new model

N57 Rothesay Class HMS Plymouth and HMS Yarmouth, remastered in metal £29.95.

N63 Leander Class HMS Argonaut, Minerva, and Penelope. Remastered in metal £29.95

N66 Round Table Class,  5 ships newly tooled metal model £37.95.

Helicopters list three, Chinook, Apache, Sea Sprite, Super Seasprite, Lynx and a variety of Seakings in stock are all in stock and listed.

Gift Set 3  Hermes, Broadsword, Coventry, Churchill Class Submarine £109.95

set 4 Hermes, Brilliant, Sheffield, Churchill Class Submarine £109.95

set 5 Invincible, 2 escorts and a submarine £119.95

set 6 Invincible 2 different escorts and submarine in stock

N54 HMS Glamorgan and HMS Antrim newly remastered in metal £29.95

N45 HMS Fearless and N46 Intrepid newly remastered in metal £39.95

N56 Type 22s HMS Broadsword and HMS Brilliant remastered in metal £27.95

N61  Type 42s HMS Sheffield, HMS Glasgow, HMS Cardiff and HMS Coventry remastered in metal £29.95

Gift Set 1 HMS Fearless, Glamorgan, Ardent and Superb £109.95

set 2 HMS Intrepid, Antrim, Antelope and Spartan £109.95

Assorted deck loads for RFA ships painted and unpainted ten varieties. £4.95 a pack

Mexefloats large and small, different sets and of course to suit you as priced.

1200 scale Triang Minic Series 4 Astute submarine. £7.95

M12 MV Atlantic Conveyor  £49.95 diorama

M13 MV Atlantic Causeway £39.95

CND 01 Devonport Frigate Complex Kit £199.50

CND02  Devonport Basin Submarine Factory Kit £159.50

N62 type 42 batch 2  HMS Exeter in production now due in January 2023

N65 RFA Fort Austin and  N64 RFA Fort Grange  in stock November with much retooled detail.£49.95

N97 RFA Fort Rosalie (ex Grange) newly tooled detail £49.95

N98 ENS LUXOR AND ENS ABU SIMBEL now in stock November new models very limited numbers £49.95

N33 RFA Blue Rover new master, cast and  in production and due in January

Bretagne of Brittany Ferries, newly mastered in metal and with new decals as per current service in production and due in January.


USS Forrestal now in stock March

USS ORISKANY 1970s in stock

USS Saratoga, USS Midway, USS Ranger, USS Independence

Many 1200 scale Triang type 23 life ex including those in the Chilean Navy.

Normandie and Mont St Michel remastered in metal.

N70 HMS Glasgow type 26 batch now in production and in stock March 2023.

HMS Cardiff      ”      “/ HMS Belfast     ”      ”

Commodore Liberation. Commodore Clipper, Ben My Chree all in metal.

Remade and upgraded back catalogue ships these are being added every month see separate long list.

Many large USNavy ships.

Devonport Basins 4/5 kit.