2024, who would have thought it?

With our 2023 models programme sorted and almost complete our thoughts begin to turn to the next year.

As usual we are interested to know what you are looking for.  It helps us to know that there is a customer interest /demand for a model, especially as the costs of everything have increased dramatically in the last two years.

There are several categories of possible models.

  1. is a brand new ship model of which we have so far mused about the new IOM ferry the Manxman. We think that if made the retail price would be about £50. RFA Proteus is another idea as if RFA Stirling Castle..

2.      is a rerun of a model we have made in the last 2/3 years.  All our ships in this category have had new tooling, upgrading and                      newly designed metal detail. They are all made in limited runs of about 10-15 and if not on this site then they have sold out.

3.     is a production of a model that was in the Mountford range but which we havent yet made either in  metal or resin.

4.    is a new dockside kit or finished item to enhance your harbour/port

5.    might be accessories for the dockside

6.    might be aircraft or helicopters not yet in the range


Your thoughts welcome

October 2023 Clive and Dave