We have a wide range of model ships, aircraft and dockside models and these vary in their popularity and sales.  We have decided to create this page to let you know which models we have sold out in order to inform and also to hear from you which models you would like us to make again. As the prices of metal and resin have increased massively in the last few years your input is even more valued.

We will add models as they sell out and remove when re-run.

N44  USS Gerald Ford

N40  USS Zumwalt

M75  USS Simon Lake

N86  USS Midway 1970

N113  USS Midway 1991

N27   RFA Fort Victoria

N28   RFA Fort George

N21    HMS Prince of Wales

N34   HMS Victorious

N31   RFA Gold Rover

N32   RFA Black Rover

N39   HMS Bristol

N51    HMAS Choules (Bay class)

F33    MV Herald of Free Enterprise.

N70   HMS Belfast London Museum

Kaiser Class US Tanker

USNS Robert Kennedy John Lewis Class

USS Saratoga

Type 31 frigate

RFA Fort Victoria

April 2024