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Why 1200 scale for Triang model ships?

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Why 1:1200 Scale While there have long been scale models of ships the adoption of a standard scale appears to date from the early 1900's when Mr Fred T Jane, publisher of the well known reference book Jane's Fighting Ships, developed a set of waterline models for use in a war game he had created. While [...]

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Sold Out Series 3 Modern Triang Minic Items

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Here is our Sold Out list of Triang Minic Series 3 items. If you are looking for an item we suggest you buy the first one you find so long as the price is not a silly one. Triang stopped production in 2014. We were the largest buyer of Triang which is why we still have [...]

February 2021

New model 1250 ships and and re-releases in 2020 moving into 2021 (updated regularly)

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We need to update this list for 2021 and produce a new one. In 2020 we made 14 new submarines, 2 dockyard kits and 25 new ships including the livery variations. We also released 13of the delayed 2019 models to go with the thirty new models released in 2019. We also produced 19 new aircraft designs [...]

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November 2020

Decals, how to change them. November 2020,

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REMOVING DECALS. The majority of  models produced for CNC are finished with decals printed on an ALPS printer.  The printer ink is wax based and so can be removed from any model by carefully wiping the surface printing of the decal with a tissue moistened with white spirit.  When necessary the decal can be removed whole [...]

New model planes and helicopters list.

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We are pleased to announce that in response to many customers we have commissioned a range of aircraft and helicopters which are particularly relevant to Navy and Merchant shipping. So here is the working list which will be updated with dates expected and prices as the year progresses.  All unpainted white metal and the helicopters have [...]

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Devonport Dockyard Model Kit Basin 2 Frigate Complex

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We are delighted to announce that we are releasing a scale model of HM Dockyard, Devonport in kit form with instructions. This is the first CN Collectables Dockside Model and will include the basins, sheds, roads, cranes and an A3 water board on which to make it.  We have seen the master and it is going [...]

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