Here is a detailed metal model of MS Free Enterprise V, a Cross Channel Ro Ro ferry built for the Townsend Thoresen Company and in service from 1970-87.

She had a long and successful history and we are making her in six different liveries in the summer of 2020 of which are two TT, plus P&O, TEE, Comanov and Veronica Line.     She was 117metres long  or 385ft and just over 5000 tons in size and top speed of 19 knots could carry 1132 passengers. and 250 cars.

This model was released in August 2020.  Scale is 1/1250

She was built in 1970 in Schiedam, Netherlands for the Townsend Thoresen company. She worked on various routes between 1970 and 1987 including Dover-Calais, Dover-Zeebrugge, Dover-Boulogne and Portsmouth-Cherbourg. She carried a variety of Townsend liveries (at least 9) of which we are making two.

She went on to sail for P & O (1988)  as the Pride of Hythe, TEE (1993) as Laburnum, Comonav as Tadla (2003) and Veronica Line as Veronica (2007) until she was scrapped in 2012.

This is part of a set of six.

Posted all over the world with tracked postage.

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