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Hi and hello from CN Collectables.

Welcome to our world of model ships and collectable toys both new and second hand. We are the largest retailer in the world of Triang Minic Ships Modern Series (3) and still have reasonable amount of stock of many items in the range made between 2002 and 2014. This year we have begun to release our Triang Minic Series 4 in 1200 scale with modern versions of the Type 23 frigates and classic accessories such as the Lifeboat Station and Pier Shelters.  We also make our own range of CNCollectables ships and aircraft in 1250 scale. (CNC).  This page is updated every week to let you know our news. We are always interested in your ideas for what to make next.

Our next ship show will be at Theale near Reading on May 22nd. Thanks to Anna and Dave for showing and selling our wares at Wellow on April 24th.  They will be doing this again on 31st July as we shall be at the Lincoln mini ship show. On April 2nd we enjoyed the South West Ship Show in Bristol and  it was great to meet people in person. It was also of course was the 40th anniversary of the beginning of the Falklands War and respect and honour to all those who served in whatever way.

We now have the Five individually made  Falklands Hull Deep Sea Trawlers which became the 11th MCM flotilla in 1982.  These are being offered as Gift Set 7.  We also have the remaining four Type 21 Amazon Class frigates and a small sample of the two Cable Ship Iris models that are new models, 1976 and the 1982 adaptation with larger heli deck.  Then there are 12 new helicopter models with seven Sea Kings and new models of Apache, Chinook, Sea Sprite, Super Sea Sprite and Lynx.  Our Helicopter Catalogue page has been updated and models listed.   Thanks for all the helicopter research and you will see one painted version of each new machine which appears in some of the photos as an illustration. There are now 29 helicopters in the range.

Next releases in the middle of May are HMS Endurance, the rest of the Iris 82 and 76, the Leanders and Rothesays that served. The 82 Iris sold out very quickly and is on back order. June will see the five Round Tables and Gift Set 8.

For shipping we always use RM/Parcelforce and avoid the various couriers such as Yodel, DPD and Hermes now called something else) for reasons that are well recorded in the media. Getting some feedback about Covid affected delays in the post but not much. We have recently added a box for tracking numbers which will be manually filled in as appropriate, usually orders with high value and outside the UK. Alas the postage prices went up in April as they do every year related to inflation. We will absorb as much of this as we can. This site adds up the weight of individual items so that several items will fit into the same price band which in the UK is 1kilo.  Outside the UK the bands are in 250g units. We think that we will use  the 2nd class service more often too.

Triang Minic Series 4 Accessories in different combinations are now listed. Seeing as most people will want to add items to their harbours we have decided to staple most items to the cards. We will later produce some Collectors’ versions in sealed bubbles. 

We are always trying to find one offs to list and there are plenty of these around. Some are in cupboards and boxes and others have just been hanging around waiting to be noticed. There are plenty of bits and pieces we have inherited.

Folded blades for helicopters are now in stock with 3, 4 and 5 blade variations. ref H08/3, 4 and 5 and in packets of ten.

In 2021 we made a great many new model ships, aircraft and helicopters and there’s the list in the Website Library which has been updated very often. There is now a 2022 list. There is an updated Falklands 40th list in the library with our target delivery dates. In the second half of the year we need to make some more ferries and continue to remake those of the back catalogue that are in demand, in metal where possible and updated in detail.

For our many friends beyond the UK the latest part of Brexit is that from July 1st there is yet more paperwork required. As far as we can tell this means more information on the sticky label CN22 customs form which is on the back of your parcel. There are a very variable set of responses from Customs Departments in Europe. Parcels further abroad such as to the USA, Japan and Australia parcels are getting there as normal but some EU parcels are being held up in customs. It is very random and your feedback is most welcome and if anything we do is a cause of delay then let us know and we will avoid doing it. We are now mostly using tracking services and soon hopefully the reference number will be viewable on your order. Yes it is set up so hopefully it works.

We have two contact email addresses which are info@cncollectables.co.uk and sales@cncollectables.co.uk

We are regularly listing old ships, diecasts, books, cds and so on. The Dockside Kits have sold very well and thank you for this was a large gamble/investment. We are taking expressions of interest in the Devonport kits and when we have a few orders we will let you know and make some more. They are listed as back orderable, a service we dont usually do and no money is required.

We have  listed a large number of accessories acquired from the Models in Miniature range by Mountford. There are planes, vehicles, trains and all sorts of stuff including some tanks and guns. Mostly white metal but also some are painted. Also some small boats.

We also announced in early 2021 our recent 1250 scale models are our own CNCollectables. So our catalogue includes about 60 submarines, 57 aircraft, 29 helicopters, and about 80 ships, all made recently and commissioned by us.

CN Collectables on eBay is now into its 22nd year and continues because it is so easy to use and we can be found all across the World. However you will find that a number of items are cheaper here than on eBay because of their high charges to sellers.

Computer Caroline is responsible for our site and is based in the West Midlands (North) Staffordshire Warwickshire borders.

Clive and Dave. CN Collectables 7th May.

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