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Welcome to our world of model ships and collectable toys both new and second hand. We are the largest retailer in the world of Triang Minic Ships Modern Series and we also make our own range of CNCollectables ships and aircraft. (CNC) This page is updated every week to let you know of newly arrived stock and the effects of pandemic lockdown. We are now able to post your orders twice a week and click on your order as sent when it is on its way. Tuesday is our major posting day. So everything is posted within 5 working days.

In August  we  received the Dover Ferry-port Kits, some USS Gerald Fords and some full hull Typhoon submarines.  On 15th September we have received a brand new model of the Life extended type 23 frigate with several versions. Also  the remodelled Type 23 now in metal and a new run of the type 31 and the Upholder/Victoria Class submarines.

The five new Bay Class ships are arriving this month too.

For our many friends beyond the UK  the latest fun bit of Brexit is from July 1st there is yet more paperwork required.  As far as we can tell this means more information on the sticky label CN22 customs form which is on the back of your parcel.  USA, Japan, Australia parcels are getting there as normal but some EU parcels are being held up in customs, partly because machines cant read our writing which must be in CAPITALS.  The joys of it all, lol.  Your feedback is most welcome and if anything we do is a cause of delay then let us know and we will avoid doing it.

We are regularly listing old ships, books, cds and so on. The Dockside Kits have sold very well and thank you for this was a large gamble/investment.  With our Dover Ferry-port kit here is another ship avenue and it looks very well with a bunch of ferries in port.

We will remake and remodel as many of the former Mountford range as possible. These will usually be in metal and we have begun to remake all those ships that served in the Falklands with the County Class, Type 21 and HMS Fearless/Intrepid  the first in our programme.  In November we shall have some Falklands 40 Gift Sets in special boxes with a board and sea. Ships will also be available individually.

We are now in the process of listing  a large number of accessories acquired from Mountford.  There are planes, vehicles, trains and all sorts of stuff including some tanks and guns. Mostly white metal but also some are painted.

As announced earlier this year  we have rebranded recent models as our own CNC whilst MT Miniatures will focus on 700 and 2400 scales.

CN Collectables on eBay is now into its 21st year and continues because it is so easy to use and we can be found all across the World.  However you will find that a number of items are cheaper here than on eBay because of their high charges to sellers. The best example at the moment is the Queen Elizabeth Carrier which is £10 cheaper on this site as is the Gerald Ford  and the Dover Kit.

Thanks to the amazing Computer Caroline for all her work, ideas and patience with us and this website.

Clive and Dave. CN Collectables  September 20th  2021

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