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Hi and hello from CN Collectables.


Welcome to our world of model ships and collectable toys both new and second hand. We are the largest retailer in the world of Triang Minic Ships Modern Series (3) and still have reasonable amount of stock of many items in the range made between 2002 and 2014. In 2022 we began Triang Minic Series 4 in 1200 scale with life extended versions of the Type 23 frigates and some classic accessories such as the Lifeboat Station, Pier Shelters, lock gates and Ocean Terminals. All of these are designed and manufactured in the UK.  In July 2022 our 1200 scale metal Triang Astute Class docked. We also make our own extensive range of CN Collectables ships, submarines, ferries, aircraft and dockyards in 1250 scale, (CNC) and have established a busy programme of new and remastered models. All our current production is in new tooling and has been remastered or updated in many ways. Our ethos is to constantly make the best models we can and at affordable prices, despite the huge increases in cost of raw materials. This page is updated every week to let you know our news.

For shipping we always use Royal Mail/Parcelforce. We have a box for tracking numbers which will be manually filled in as appropriate, usually orders with high value and outside the UK. This site adds up the weight of individual items so that several items will fit into the same price band. Outside the UK the bands are in 250g units. Postage prices go up every April but we shall continue with our flat charge of £3.95 for standard boxed UK parcel orders up to a kilo and for many decades have always taken the view that we only charge the actual cost of shipping that we pay at our post office. We always try to keep prices at cost. We don’t charge for packaging either because if you offer mail order then we believe that is part of the service. We use recycled packaging where possible.

Sometimes a larger order won’t process because the site thinks that the weight is over the limit. Please email us so we can send the correct invoice. There is always a way around this which might mean we use a different carrier.

CN Collectables on eBay is now into its 24th year and continues because it is so easy to use and we can be found all across the World. However you will find that a number of items are cheaper here than on eBay because of their high charges to sellers. They even take a cut of the postage paid. There are also far more items on this website which is now into its 9th year.

Photos of our first NEW ship for 2024 are on the site. MV Manxman, the new ferry to the Isle of Man.  We will have a new model of the J F Kennedy Supercarrier at the beginning of June also some Gerald Ford. Lt Bo Bo is coming along nicely too as are the first set of Stealth Ships..

We have also listed some back catalogue items, a selection of bendy bulkers and some 1st series Triang. News of other planned new releases are on the new releases page.

We usually post on Tuesdays and Fridays.  All orders will be completed by the 14th July.

Computer Caroline is responsible for our site for which we are indebted; respect.

Thanks for your interest, support and friendships.

Good to see some people at Theale with much chatting but the turnout was very low.  Next shows are Wellow on 7th July and Lincoln on the 28th.

Clive and Dave. CN Collectables 13th May 2024

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