Clive Newman


Dave Newman

Chief Mate

CNCollectables is the hobby business of Clive and Dave Newman in Birmingham, UK. With lifelong interests in all things transportable we started buying and selling Model Railways, Models of Yesteryear, and later Model Ships. We had a retail model and hobbies shop between 1984 and 1993 called Sleepers Model Railways which was sold as a going concern. We began to sell mostly Dinky Toys and Railways on eBay in late 2000 and this expanded to import and retail Triang Minic Ships (3rd series.) This lovely range lasted from 2002 to 2014 when production stopped alas.
We also had an internet shop through the Groovy Cart host from 2006-2019. This website started in 2016 and has steadily grown. We have many overseas customers and have sold to over 80 countries, and to several ships of the Royal Navy.
In 2018 we started selling 1250 scale Mountford handmade ships. In 2019-20 we commissioned some new ships and more than 30 new submarine models. We have since bought the complete 1250 range from MT Miniatures and rebranding them as CNC models. In 2020 we commissioned a new range of 1200/50 aircraft models in white metal with a focus on Carrier based planes. In 2021 this range was extended with another 26 planes with folded wings versions as well as fixed. Then we made nearly 30 helicopters.

We work exclusively with the original designer and manufacturer who began Mountford and in 2022 produced over 40 ship models which served in the Falklands conflist 40 years ago.   Also in 2022 we introduced a small range of 1200 scale models in our Triang Series 4 range. These feature a type 23 extended mode frigate and an Astute class submarine.  They are hand made from white metal in the UK.  We have also made a number of harbour accessories which were newly designed, made of white metal and based upon some of the first series harbour items. These include lock gates pier shelters and the lifeboat set. There are also the Ocean terminal and extensions made in resin.  In 2023 we are concentrating on remaking  and updating our Brittany Ferries in metal and also making limited numbers of several US Carriers. The new Type 26 HMS Glasgow is now in stock.

We now have new categories and catalogue numbers with each section being on the site. D = Dockside S=Submarines A= Aircraft N= Naval ships M=merchant ships and F=Ferries.  We intend to keep as much of the range in stock as possible and are always interested in your wants. We also supply trade accounts. We inherited a ot of bits and pieces and have gradually worked out and made up a variety of finished ships which have not been available for some years.

Since the end of Lockdown we have also started to attend a number of mini ships shows throughout the year and can bring orders for collection.
This update is written in April 2023.