Here are a selection of frequently asked questions about CN Collectables. If you do not find the answer you are looking for then please get in touch using our Contact form.

We are a small family hobbyist business who has been buying and selling toys and collectables for over 30 years.

You may pay by £cheque £postal order and  PayPal in £, Euros or US $.  We also now accept almost all Cards. On request we can send you a PayPal invoice.

We always aim to charge postage at cost. We don’t include charges for time or packaging materials as we believe that this is part of being a mail order business.

We sell a lot of small items so this happens often. The shopping cart will total your items via weight and calculate the shipping for you. We will check the order when it comes through and if there has been a discrepancy we will refund any postage due to you.

You are fully protected by European internet selling regulations which means that if you are not satisfied with the item you may return goods for a full refund of that which you paid. Postage is payable by you to return it.

We have many years of positive experience of posting to a large number of countries in the world. We will usually send by tracked postage to all countries outside the UK and on higher value orders.   Since brexit the customs rules have changed and we try very hard to provide accurate labels so that parcels are not delayed in customs. There are some countries to which we are unable to trade but we will always do our best to supply models to everywhere.

We are NOT VAT registered as we are only a small business.

All our prices are in £GDP but if you pay by PayPal you can pay in Euros and US $ if that is your currency. We have to pay Paypal commission on all payments.

Yes we do buy items that are of interest. Please send a brief email about the sort of thing you want to sell with a general idea of its condition. E.g. 20 small Triang ships in play worn condition. We will take it from there.

Yes we have sold many items in the past on commission. Again send a brief email of what you want us to sell. We hope to have a Commissions Sale leaflet which we can send to your enquiry. We can also chat on the phone. 07746124046

We believe that words are essential as well as photos and try and use standard formats to describe the same type of toy. Yes it is subjective but we have been doing this for a long time and are keen collectors ourselves.

We are probably the largest and longest standing supplier of the modern series of Triang Minic Ships 2002- 14 known as Series 3 and these have been purchased from the manufacturer to resell.

In 2018 we were appointed the sole distributor for Mountford and XAS 1250 scale models. We are also the sole supplier to retail outlets. In this time we commissioned a series of ships and submarines under this label.

In 2021 we purchased these ranges from MT Miniatures and all our recent models have been rebranded as CNC Models or CNCollectables 1250. We have developed a new catalogue and have made a range of over 50 aircraft and 20 helicopters.

In 2022 we launched Triang Minic Ships Series 4 in 1200 scale in a tribute to the Triang Minic brand and and as a means of making 1200 scale ships and accessories available to harbour makers and collectors alike.

Other items are more personal and are part of some thinning out or recycling of current items. Some may be commission sale items which are being sold for other people. Some are from an old toy shop that closed down ages ago and from which we bought the remaining stock. So on this site there will be a varied mixture.

Updated March 2022

This may apply to larger orders especially from outside the UK.   The answer is to email us on

It happens when the site thinks that the weight of your items is greater than the maximum shipping service.  If you mail us we will invoice you for the correct shipping and by the best carrier.   ~~Each item is costed to be posted on its own. Putting several items together  gives the site the wrong total in weight.

CN Collectables March 2016 revised January 2023.