We need to update this list for 2021 and produce a new one. In 2020 we made 14 new submarines, 2 dockyard kits and 25 new ships including the livery variations. We also released 13of the delayed 2019 models to go with the thirty new models released in 2019. We also produced 19 new aircraft designs with plans for many more.   2021 will see more back catalogue models as well as brand new ships and planes.

The 2021 page will be set up soon and give you indications of models in production. Your advance orders are very helpful for all sorts of reasons. Your requests will give us a steer towards remaking models from the back catalogue which have not been available for some time.  There are many to choose whether from Aircraft Carriers, RFA supply ships, USN ships, Stealth Ships, Ferries, Dry docks, Escorts, post WW2 and so on.  In late 2020 we have been able to make a great many of the submarine range.

US Submarine set of 7 boats  in stock

S43  USN Nautilus 4000t 98m             £5.95
S42  Skate Class 2900t 82m 4 boats     £5.95
S41  Skipjack Class 3600t 77m 6 boats £5.95
S40  Permit Class 4300t 85m 14 boats  £5.95
S36 Sturgeon short hull 4700t 89m 28 boats £5.95

S 35 Sturgeon long hull 4700t 92m 9 boats    £5.95

S44 USS NAUTILUS Museum boat with viewing platform as is. £9.95

Soviet/Russian set of 7 boats in stock

S50 Oscar 2 Project 949A Antey class 155m 19400tons 11 boats £8.95
S55 Yankee Notch type 667 AR/AT 132m 9300tons 3 boats          £8.95
S54 Victor II type 2 103m Syonga class or Salmon 7 boats            £6.95
S53 Victor III 103m 7250tons type 3 25 boats Schuka or Pike        £6.95
S52 Delta III type 667DR Kalmar/Squid 166m 18200tons 14 boats £8.95
S51 Delta IV type 667BDRM Delphin 166m 18200 tons 7 boats     £8.95
S56 Yankee 667 132m 9300tons 31 boats                                      £7.95


F01 MV Ulysses Irish Ferries in stock £65

N04 USS Joint Venture Fast catamaran in stock £29 limited numbers made

N07  RFA TIDERACE   £49  in stock

N08 RFA TIDESURGE £49 in stock

N01 Type 31 frigate      £30  in stock

M04 Arklow Vale Freighter £25 in stock

M05 Arklow Villa with crane midships £29 in stock.

M06 Arklow Viking with different bow £25 in stock

M02 MV Galatea Trinity House  in stock  £39

M03 MV Pharos Northern Lighthouse board in stock £39

N05 RFA Sir Bedivere  SLEP L3004  £39 in stock

F03 Free Enterprise V  TT  Green £39 in stock

F05  Pride of Hythe  P & O  £39 in stock

F06  Laburnum Trans European £39 in stock

F08  Tadla £39 In stock

F07  Veronica Line £39 in stock

F04   Free Enterprise V in TT red livery. in stock £39

N03 USS Arleigh Burke with pennant number (51) fixed in stock £29

N03x Ships with numbers for own choice  52,53, 54, in stock £29

N10 Maersk Rapier MOD service Tanker in stock £39

F02 MANANNAN IOM ferry  £30 in stock

N14 HMS River Severn £26 in stock

MM469  RFA Fort George £49 new model

MM353 RFA Fort Victoria £49 re-release

F26 Ben My Chree £28 re-release

F27 Ben My Chree 2020 livery £30 new model

N02 The Holland Class Netherlands Navy modern frigates. IN STOCK £29

CN02 Devonport Dockyard Submarine Basin Kit  Basin 3. IN STOCK  £135 +postage

F25 Mont St Michel Brittany Ferry back in stock £39

N12   RIVER CLYDE £26  all Rivers now in stock.

N13   RIVER TYNE £26






M01   RSS Sir David Attenborough 2020 In stock £46

North Western Ferries

F9 Hrossey Northlink Ferry present day Viking livery  £39

F10 Hrossey Northlink Ferry Older Livery £39

F13 Hamnavoe Northlink Ferry present day Viking livery £39

F14 Hamnavoe Northlink Ferry Older Livery £39

F11 Hjaltland Northlink Ferry present day Viking livery £39

F12 Hjaltland Northlink Ferry Older Livery £39

N11 LEWIS AND CLARK in stock with choice of  14 decals £49


N22 HMS Hermes 1977 £49  Feb

N09 RFA TIDEFORCE 49 Feb  Limited quantity

N21 HMS Hermes 66 Feb £49

N23  HMS Hermes 81 Feb £49

2021 production advanced orders given priority no money required or taken.

Pride of Free Enterprise Townsend Thoresen Spirit class ferry end March 2021

Herald of Free Enterprise Townsend Thoresen Spirit class ferry end March 2021

Spirit of Free Enterprise Townsend Thoresen end of march

Pride of Kent P & O end of March

Pride of Bruges P & O end of March

Picardy P&O Stena March

Aircraft planes list 3  middle March

F   SCARBA Greenock Clyde ferries tba




HMS Glasgow type 26 batch one when the real ship is finalised 2021

HMS Cardiff      ”      ”

HMS Belfast     ”      ”

Arklow freighters 10-16000 tons. t.b.a 2021

CN03 Dover Ferry Port Harbour Kit  t.b.a  2021