September 2020 newsletter from CN Collectables REAL ONE



Hello again, the Summer is over, and Autumn beckons.

Time for news of new stock being listed, our plans for the rest of the year and for the first part of 2023.

Brand new production is MV Atlantic Causeway (M13) in merchant mode and her ill-fated sister MV Atlantic Conveyor (M12) in a Falklands 40 diorama. Retooled/mastered to come soon are HMS Exeter (N62), RFA Fort Austin (N65), RFA Fort Grange (N64) and RFA Blue Rover (N62).

Ships that have been assembled recently include metal models of HMY Britannia (M24) and a couple have been made in her Hospital Ship guise (M25). We also have had some USS Simon Lake (N75) and Oriskany 1950 (N77), very small numbers of the RCNS Tribal Class destroyers (N74), the RCNS Oilers (N73), the Italian oilers of the Stromboli Class (N72), and some RFA Waves (N29/30). We also have some RFA Sir Galahad 1987 (N36) which we commissioned from Mountford four years ago and some HMS Victorious (N34).

In September we shall have several floating docks, some RFA Forts, Devonport Basin 2 and Basin 3 kits, USS Mount Whitney, USS John Glenn, USS Whidbey Island (N80) and USS Germantown (N83) and loads more. The later version of Oriskany is on its way and also Ronald Reagan, SOE 6 (N81), Ulyanovsk (N89), HMS Belfast in two guises and more.

In July our new 1200 scale boat, the Astute Class docked, and we hope you like it. They are bagged and mounted on the Triang Minic Series 4 cards. We have commissioned some more Triang Type 23s in Lifex mode so that all current fleet are represented and the three 23s in the Chilean Navy.

Latest information is posted regularly on the website in the new releases section.

We hope that you have been able to take advantage of our stocktaking sale. It is so easy to make more ships than there is demand, so hopefully the lower prices will tempt you to add to your own collection or maybe as a treat for someone you know.

The second part of 2022 and early 2023 is focused upon the remaking and updating our Brittany, Condor, and IOM ferries.  Plus the new Devonport Basin 5 project which will cover two A3 boards. It will be presented in three parts which will stand alone and fit next to our Basin 2 and 3 kits.

Our next ship shows are:


Saturday 24th September – Northwest Ship Show at Old Christ Church, Liverpool, L22 1RE.

Sunday 27th November, Wellow Mini ship Show at the Wellow Village Hall, SO   51 6BR

Yours in ships,

Clive and Dave.  1st September 2022.