Plenty of new models in stock including four John Lewis tankers..

January 2023 arrivals.

N33 RFA Blue Rover fleet oiler. Newly mastered.

N62 Type 42 batch 2 destroyer, newly mastered,  HMS Exeter, the last of our Falklands 40 range.

M27  Q3, the imagined Cunard liner in 1200 scale. SOLD OUT

March 2023 arrivals.

F38 Bretagne  remastered in metal, new livery.

N100 HMS Glasgow type 26 batch one new model. SOLD OUT, more in August/September.

N59  HMS Illustrious aircraft carrier of the Invincible Class new model.

N69  USS Oriskany in later guise 1970s new model.

D 33 North Sea Oil Rig painted SOLD OUT . more in September

N109  USS Forrestal new production  now in stock

N96    Type 22 batch 2 frigate back catalogue HMS Boxer

N114   Type 15 back catalogue SOLD OUT

N115   Type 16 back catalogue

N116   Type 22 batch 3 back catalogue just two of each of the 4 ships

N117  County class destroyer batch one HMS Devonshire back catalogue

May 2023 arrivals

N95 USS Bob Hope new production SOLD OUT  y

N110    USS Saratoga CV60 new production

N86 USS Midway 1970’s version new production SOLD OUT

N78 new production  HMS Albion,

N73 new production HMS Ocean SOLD OUT

N38 new production RFA Argus. SOLD OUT

Back catalogue N118 De Grasse French anti-aircraft cruiser.

June arrivals 

D10     Painted and assembled Dover Ferryport ONE LEFT

D07    Painted and assembled Bangor Kitsap West Coast submarine base

F37     Commodore Clipper newly mastered in metal

F27     Ben My Chree 2020 newly mastered in metal.

From the back Catalogue

Forest Sherman,  Gun Leander various pennants, Ikara Leander, Type 23 and Tribal Class (WW2)

July 2023, 

N111    USS Ranger CV61 new production

N112    USS Independence CV62 new production

N85    USS Bob Hope another run.

F39      Normandie 2022 remastered in metal

F40      Mont St Michel 2022 remastered in metal

F28      Condor Liberation new production in metal

N100   HMS GLASGOW new model in metal

HMS CARDIFF new model

HMS BELFAST new model


USNS John Lewis Oiler. brand new metal model  In stock

USNS Harvey Milk in stock

USNS Earl Warren      ”

USNS Robert F Kennedy.  ”

HMS Malta new production  In stock

CVA 01        ”                            in stock

Ulyanovsk    ”               in stock

Kuznetsov    ”               in stock

CND34 Devonport Basins 4/5 kit.  IN STOCK

Montford Point in stock

Lewis stock

LATER 2023

Mount Whitney  December 13th

USS AOE Supply        ”

Blue Ridge                  ”

Ronald Reagan    December 13th

Wasp        ”                    ”


Pre-orders with no payment are very welcome on any of these big ships which will all be newly tooled, upgraded and new production. Pre-orders help us to know how many models to make in a run and help to keep the prices down despite crazy inflation of raw materials.

October 26th  2023