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2022 sees the launch of Series 4 of Triang Minic ships made by CN Collectables. As you probably know we were very involved in the making and selling of Series 3 which was last in production in 2014/5. We aim to provide some current modern ships in 1200 scale at affordable prices and very much in the Triang style. They are made of metal but not diecast and not in large numbers.  So we begin with five Type 23 Life ex Frigates, in bubbles on a card.

We have also produced a range of harbour accessories which were in the first Series and which are often in the categories of “hens teeth” and/or “silly money”.  These are all newly designed masters, are nicely painted and most are made of metal.  They are not “cloned”.  Again they will be on cards.


Type 23 Life-ex model all in metal bubble on card now in stock and listed on this site. There is a flotilla price if you would like all five. 

CP100      HMS Kent         F78

CP101      HMS Portland   F79

CP102      HMS St Albans  F83

CP103      HMS Lancaster  F229 sold out

CP104      HMS Argyll        F231 sold out

CP105      Astute class submarine docked in July.

CP106      t.b.a

1200 ACCESSORIES painted and carded

CM 01S    Floating Dock set of lock gates and 2 crane jibs

CM 02S    Crane jibs set of four

CM 03S    Lifeboat House Set three pieces

CM 04S    Swing bridge set with roads

CM  04      Swing bridge with base

CM 05S    Lifting Bridge set with roads

CM 06S    Lock gates set of two

CM 07S    Pier shelters set of two

CM 08S    Floating dock gate x 2

CM 09      Ocean Terminal in heavy resin

CM 10      Ocean Terminal Extension in heavy resin

From CNCollectables in a tribute to the Triang Minic tradition of model ships and harbours.

August 2022