Hello again, it’s time for some up-to-date summertime news of our model ships programme… grab a drink and enjoy!

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We are pleased to have some newly updated and enhanced small-run productions of several ships and one back catalogue item too. Now in stock following new tooling and mastering:

N109   USS Forrestal

N86     USS Midway (as per the 1970s)

F27     Ben-My-Chree Isle of Man ferry

F37     Commodore Clipper channel ferry

And from the back catalogue:

N121 Forest Sherman, some Gun Leander with various pennants, Ikara Leander, some WW2 Tribals and some type 23s.

Assembled and painted are a couple of Bangor USN Submarine Base and of Dover Ferryport which of course are also available as kits.

As usual these are listed on our website and on eBay. You will always find our website prices are lower than on eBay because of the fees they charge both on the model and on the shipping. They also charge relevant sales tax or VAT on any destinations beyond the UK and a cross border charge.

At the end of July, we expect to have new production in small numbers of USS Ranger and USS Independence. We shall also have our new metal models of Brittany Ferries Normandie & Mont St Michel, and Condor Liberation Channel Islands Ferry.

In production now are two Soviet Carriers, HMS Malta, CVA01, some large USN support ships and more Type 26s. We shall have models of all four under construction in Scotland: HMS Belfast, HMS Cardiff, HMS Birmingham, and more HMS Glasgow. Pre-orders are welcome.

We have recently commissioned our second new ship model for 2023 which is the 49,850tons John Lewis Class US Navy double hulled oiler/tanker.

We are making this ship in response to several requests from customers. There is a photo of the master on the website.

We regularly update the two ‘Releases’ pages on the website. There’s New Models and former Mountford Stock pages. We will continue to update them as our plans develop, ships sell out and new items are introduced.

We also have some special offers on the site under the Blue Monday heading or as 2023 Special Offers.

Continuing our successful range of dockyard kits, we now have underway our new kits of Devonport Dockyard Basins 4 and 5. We have received an excellent amount of interest from you and have just posted a flyer on the website with details and prices. These should be ready well in time for Christmas 2023. It will be only a small run so please let us know if you want to reserve yours.

This whole amount of dockyard in 1250 scale will cover one A4 and two A3 boards. We shall make this as one large kit that will offer best value as this means one lot of packaging. However, if there is interest, we could also make these as individual kits or as a combination.

The large complete kit of Basins 4 and 5 will retail at £595. Individually, Basin 4, which will fit perfectly alongside the previous Basin 3 kit, is A4 sized. Basin 5 (5A & 5B), that fits alongside Basin 4 or as stand-alone, is double A3 sized.

Full Hull Ships.

On the website we have always had a good range of Full Hull ships made mostly under the Atlas Label. They are finely detailed and there are many classic ships that look great on display rather than in a harbour. They take up a lot of room in our store, which we need for new stock, so we have decided to discontinue them and have put them all in a big sale to encourage you to buy them.

our custom Falklands stamp

In the used models department, we have been listing a variety of Triang 1 Series ships, many with boxes and also a number of pre-owned 1250 scale ships from a variety of manufacturers.

2023 Ship Shows

We’re looking forward to shows this year, including:

On Sundays 16th July and 17th November we’ll be back at Wellow.

(Wellow Village Hall near Romsey, Hampshire)

Sunday 30th July we’ll be at the Lincoln Ship Show.

(Faldingworth Village Hall)

Saturday 23rd September – The Liverpool show organised by the World Ship Society.

(Christchurch Community Centre in Crosby, Liverpool L22)

We shall add more dates when we know them and may include some more general Toy Fairs if we can.



That’s all the news for now.

We wish you well, and offer many thanks for all the support we have received in bringing new and old ships to you.

Wishing you all the very best,

Yours in model ships,

Clive and Dave Newman.

4th July 2023

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